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  • Dawn Hosmer

Flash Fiction: Sacrifice

Flash Fiction from Round 3!

Kev loved Feast Day out of all the other days of the lunar cycle. His community gathered, danced, sang songs of their ancestors, and best of all indulged in meat. Of course, one of the group would be sacrificed, but as long as it wasn’t him Kev didn't mind.



She moved to be near him. She gave up her career to support him. She missed her family to be with him. She made life-changing decisions but she was happy to make the sacrifice.

They did everything together, life was idyllic.

When he died, her life had to start all over again.



A child, a beautiful baby girl, my child. I didn’t know how much I would love you from the first moment I held you. But having you and keeping you was worth the sacrifice of my dream of travelling throughout Europe after graduation. Being a mother was so much better than anything else I could do.


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